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I have loved photography most of my life.  I grew up in the days of the throw-away cameras you would drop off at the drugstore.  You would have to wait on pins and needles for weeks to see if any of your shots came out. With or without your thumb in it.  

Over the years I moved from throw away, to point and shoot, to cell phone, and now a real camera.  My son and I loved to take photos together when we would go on family vacations.  We would take so many shots, some (a lot) goofy, and some focusing on the world around us.  

In 2017 my son passed away, and at that time I created a charity in his honor: Force Spirit Goose (forcespiritgoose.org).  All of our funds go to Friends of Acadia to benefit Acadia National Park.  Some pieces from time to time, might be sold on here with proceeds also benefiting his charity.  I chose to live for him, and I hope I'm making him proud. He was the inspiration for my logo that I chose.  On my last birthday with him, he was at an academic conference where they do pin trading.  He chose this pin for me as a surprise because he knows I love the phoenix.  A few months ago when I chose my logo, I didn't even realize the resemblance to the pin, until after the fact.  I'm sure he loves my choice!

My love for photography has over time slid into other creative endeavors, such as mixed media pieces, or resin art.  It was hard to see the beauty in the world again for a long time, but now through my art, I am seeing it.  Even if you only browse, I hope my creations make you smile.